You Are Enough


hloe McKenzie is a fascinating individual determined to make a difference in society. She played soccer at Amherst College before landing a job as a trader with JP Morgan.

“The reason why I was so enamored was because it was so fast-paced and required split-second decisions sometimes; it was like being on the soccer field,” she told Thrive Global.

The fast-paced competitive environment caught up to McKenzie. She fell ill and was in the hospital for five months. Surgery then followed, and her mindset changed.

“I asked myself before my final liver procedure, ‘If at 22 you are going to die, what is your legacy going to be?'” McKenzie told Forbes magazine.

McKenzie would go on to found BlackFem, whose mission is to help girls of color in underserved communities have skills, habits, and resources to build and sustain wealth.

“I started BlackFem so that every girl and woman of color has the tools to start building wealth. Even in elementary school,” she told

McKenzie charges $5 to women of color for private coaching sessions.

“Right now, the median net worth of a woman of color is $5,” she told OZY. “And I want to change that. I want people, especially women of color, to know that you do enough, you are enough, you have enough.”

McKenzie says that her drive, determination, and resourcefulness are all a by-product of what she learned playing sports.

“It doesn’t always have to look pretty. You don’t have to have all the answers to be effective and successful,” she told The Coin Flyp. “I was such a different type of player, I was harder to defend. Because my business reflects the type of person and player I was, it’s been hard for others to compete. My athleticism and business-mind are symbiotic.”

Photo credit: Chloe Mackenzie's Facebook